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Albia Biocare pharma franchise company is a trusted and well acknowledged name in the PCD pharma franchise business. We are one of the top pharma franchise companies in India and supply a wide range of herbal and pharma products in India.

As a pharma franchise company, we offer a full range of dosage forms that include:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Softgels
  • Syrups
  • Drops
  • Ointments
  • Gels
  • Oils
  • Granules
  • Powders

Our product range is comprehensive and comparable to the widest range offered by any of the top PCD Pharma franchise companies in India. Check out the product range of one of the best PCD franchise company in India that covers the following segments:

As a pharma franchise company, we welcome qualified and experienced individuals as well as corporate from all over India to become our distributors/associates. If you are an M.R., ASM or RSM with inner passion and fire to build your own business starting with smaller investments, Albia Biocare (and its division Kyna Pharmeceuticals) is ready to offer Monopoly Marketing Rights on PCD pharma franchise basis for your district/cluster of districts. Pharma stockists, distributors and C&F Agents who have a strong network with medical practitioners, physicians and/or surgeons in their area can easily build a profitable and long term PCD pharma franchise business with Albia Biocare, one of the top Pharma Franchise companies in India.

Advantages of partnering with the best pharma franchise company in India

  • We offer high quality PCD pharma products having the best-in-class packing manufactured in renowned manufacturing units accredited with WHO/ISO and GMP certifications and acknowledged for purity and accurate composition.
  • The minimum investment for starting the business with one of the top PCD Pharma Franchise companies in India is as low as Rs. 20,000/- (per district in case of multiple districts) or Rs. 30,000/- (for a single district). The mandated minimum order amount for processing is as low as 5,000/- per order.
  • There are no fixed monthly targets. You can have yearly targets, if you want to incentivize your performance.
  • We strictly adhere to monopoly rights and do not entertain any business enquiry from any covered area.
  • Amongst the top Pharma Franchise companies in India, Albia Biocare offers lucrative schemes on bulk purchases, which will help you build a bigger business much faster.
  • We support by providing high quality, authentic promotional material.
  • We ensure 90% dispatches of the goods within 24 hours and 100% dispatches within 48 hours once the payment is reflected in our accounts or the invoice is cleared for dispatch.
  • Since Albia Biocare is a reputed name amongst medicine franchise companies, we have a professional team comparable to any of the best PCD franchise company in India at your service for prompt and accurate responses to your queries on products, packing, dosages, orders, billing, taxation, dispatches and /or logistics.
  • Our portal serves as a one-stop solution for all your needs and requirements including the facility of e-ordering.

Promotional Aids

Following promotional aids are provided by any of the medicine franchise companies for the field support of PCD pharma franchise business:

  • Visual aid (Folder)
  • Product glossary
  • LBLs (Leave behind leaflets)
  • Sample catch covers
  • Reminder-cum-thank you cards
  • MR bag
  • Visiting cards
  • Order books
  • Prescription pads
  • Routine gifts for doctors with the brand name of the pharma franchise company
  • Deepawali and new year gifts

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Recent Blogs

Here are the Various Types of Distributors in the PCD Pharma Sector
September 9th, 2021 by albia

Do you have any plans to open a startup? Is your business related to the medical or healthcare field? Do you have any ideas for stepping inside the PCD pharma domain? Well, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you must spare some time to read and understand the following given contents.

They cover everything that you must be aware of about the medicine franchise companies, the various forms of PCD pharma distributors and also what should be your brand’s role in the industry.

Wholesaler and Distributor – The Difference

In general, you must clearly get the difference between a pharma wholesaler and distributor, in order to understand the actual scope of operating a pharma franchise in India specifically;

  • A pharma distributor is a professional who will be closely associated with a given manufacturer, for sales of a higher quantity of goods and products; so as to gain popularity and much better visibility in the market. They are the ones who will search and find suitable wholesalers, who can resell their products
  • On the other side, a pharma wholesaler will fulfil his/her orders from the hands of retailers. They indeed assume that no role besides satisfying the demands of the retailers is essential.

Hence, medical distributors do not actually supply to any of the pharma retailers directly. They do it with the support of stockists and wholesalers. The latter will then supply the products to the retailers.

Yet, note the fact that both wholesalers and distributors from a given pharma franchise company will with the distribution, stocking, and supplying of medical goods.

To the Various Forms of PCD Wholesalers & Distributors

As a budding (or experienced) owner of a PCD pharma​ business, you must stay updated with the trends and events within the medical sector. In that line, here are the common forms of distributors and wholesalers found within the pharma domain. Based on these aspects, you can then decide on whom to appoint for the success of your franchise;

  1. Single Party PCD Pharma Distributors:

If a person or an organization works in a small-scale setup, then it could be termed as a single party pharma distributor. These small range single-party owners will stay in direct touch with their consumers. Covering tiny territories and locations, they hold quite a high marginal value in the market.

And the best part? They may or may not have a wholesale drug license possession!

  1. Multiple Party Pharma Franchise Company:

Medicine franchise companies that have a wider scale of sales and market coverage are said to be multiple party brands. For the purpose of reselling their profits, these types of pharma franchise runners will usually buy all their necessary drugs, medications, clinical supplies, and related tools for a ‘bulk order’ value. They can even appoint other mediums such as;

  • Agents
  • Brokers
  • Wholesalers
  • Negotiators

 And even small PCD pharma distributors as well. Multiple party pharma franchise owners standardly experience a huge amount of sales, but still, they earn only a minimum scale of margin.

Unlike the single party system of franchising, here with the multiple part PCD business, the concerned officials and members should have a mandatory drug license for giving valid, legal protection to the specific business as well as the designation itself. 

  1. C&F Agents:

C&F agents stand for ‘carrying and forwarding agency’ (or agents). All the integral medical items, sales of certain non-focused medical goods, and some more entities are covered by these ‘carrying and forwarding professionals. However, they will charge some amount of commission from the profit.

Overall, the basic notion behind these agents is to ensure that the products which have a low demand or that hold a huge perishable stock in their warehouses are properly marketed, pushed, distributed and sold off to relevant target audiences. PCD pharma companies for eye drops, ear drops, etc. fall in that line.

  1. Pharma Franchise Merchants:

Did you know that there are people involved in your pharma franchise company who can also act as a seller’s wholesaler, to exhibit full-class circulation? Yes, they are pharma merchants who can

  • Give credit scores.
  • Initiate messages and communication among parties.
  • Support with after marketing and advancement assistance
  • Drive a specific individual deal.
  • Offer extensive research propositions.

And finally, delivery all the crucial data and stats to the relevant customers, to administer and complete the deals.

Sometimes, you will also come across terms like “Manufacturer Exporter”. They are nothing but members who have years of experience in working with medicine franchise companies to manufacture drugs and even exports or intend to export the same!

Distributions Levels of these Professionals

As we highlighted the 4 key divisions of wholesalers and distributors within the pharma industry, now you can also have a glance at the 3 distinct channels that these professionals can work with;

  • Exclusive Distribution: With exclusive distribution, the channels are already fixed beforehand so that it can help the persons to distribute the pharma products accordingly. Also, they have to match the customer’s demand (s) with the characterized domain.
  • Selective Distribution: Here, with the selective distribution channel, the professional will use it as per the analysis of the needs across various territories for the pharma product distribution and sales.
  • Intensive Distribution: In the intensive distribution method, the producer will utilize every accessible outlet available in the market, to distribute the pharma supplies. This is just to ensure that the products are available ready when the customer requires them; be it emergency or non-crisis period.

 Choosing the ideal channel is important since the primary role of a pharma wholesaler and/or distributor is to hike up the net sales of a given pharmaceutical company!

The Conclusion

Today’s PCD pharma companies and related suppliers enjoy 4 different forms of sales and distribution from wholesalers, namely, single party PCD business franchise, multiple party franchise, C&F agents, and medical merchants respectively. And, one can also get 3 channels of distribution ranging from intensive, exclusive, and selective options.

Want some more ideas and tips from real pharma experts? Then, connect with the support members of Albia Biocare. So, get ready to make your brand stand one among the top PCD pharma franchise companies in India today with the tips and strategies from pharma professionals, agents, and specialists.

Facts about the Impact of COVID-19 Over the Indian PCD Pharma Industry
September 9th, 2021 by albia

COVID-19 was and is a phase of uncertainty and disruption. Yet, unlike the many other industries of the market, the pharma domain alone is doing a good job in its operations and distributions. Some of the reputed, experienced top PCD pharma companies in India are still promising safe and quality-controlled delivery of generic medicines.

With the support of the latest supply chain management trends and mutual relationships with vendors of raw materials, any pharma franchise across India can expect a good future ahead. Notably, pharma is one of the few sectors to have offered a significant contribution in terms of both domestic and international markets.

On one side the newspapers read the headlines that people are being laid off across companies, yet, setting up a franchise in the PCD sector has actually helped beat off issues related to employee turnover and more. Read further to get some trends and updates about the real effects that the pandemic had on our country’s pharma domain.

Striking Impact of  COVID-19 on the PCD Pharma Sectors

There are some more points to look at in line with the impact of the pandemic on the Indian PCD pharma distributors and the chain. And here they are as follows.

  • Overall Supply Chain Disruption

Before getting into the big picture of the impact of the coronavirus on the PCD sector, below are the 2 key definitions that are to be pointed out first;

  1. Brand Name Drugs / Medications:

These are drugs that are frequently sold by the medicine issuing company, under a specific trademark or registered name. That name will already be protected by a legal patent. Brand name medications and drugs might be available with the support of a clinical prescription or as “over the counter” (OTC).

  1. Nonexclusive/Generic Medications:

These are medicines, where the applied patent gets expired and with that, its exclusivity period will also terminate. Eventually, the other medicine franchise companies and pharma manufacturers will be allowed for the application to FDA, for sales of the generic versions, under a specific clinical name for that given drug or medication.

Now, the reason behind getting into these 2 aspects is that the supply chain of any given pharma franchise company is that the latter has a thin demand, while the former will have demands, based on the complexity and significance of the medication (and its effect). COVID-19 has ensured that agencies are still able to have sufficient levels of stocks in their medical inventories, at least for the next 5 to 7 months.

  • The Rising Price of Drugs

 No wonder that the pricing structure of even routine medicines has hiked up due to the lockdown. Because suppliers face challenges in getting their products and raw materials from the original sources and warehouses, thus ultimately causing more cost on the supply chain administration, inbound and outbound logistics. This has impacted the public negatively.

To give you a quick example, you would have paid Rs. 250 for 1 kg of paracetamol but now it has risen up to 300 per kg. Even penicillin, vitamins, and sub-related antibiotics, have also escalated tremendously.

  • A New Digital Wellbeing

Times have gone where people used to book appointments, wait for the doctors to arrive late and missed or postponed schedules. The one good thing about the pandemic is that it has helped patients to get:

  • Online consultation.
  • Virtual conferencing with doctors.
  • Telemedicine applications.
  • In-house booking of the admission

And more getting done from the comfort of our homes. That too with the development of medical science, a pharma franchise company planning to invest its revenue in online communication portals and medical social networks are going to shine bright soon.

  • Shipment Challenges with API

There is something called API, which means “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient”. This actually denotes all the individual ingredients and/or active pharmaceutical substances that are to be added and converted into a proper consumable medicine.

Owing to the given explanation, the near majority of the API material is known for getting sourced only from China; with the production and development of all the pharma products. On the flip side, China also imports anti-infection agents and other important natural synthetics only from India.

But due to this lockdown period, there is heavy supply chain termination, and many of the pharma franchise brands have struggled to source and procure raw materials promptly, hence resulting in a heavy cost of several life-saving drugs price hikes.

  • Welcoming a few More FDI

Did you know that our country, at present, is the home for the 3rd largest pharma industry with respect to the total volume of consumption as well as the 10th largest in terms of the actual value?

Yes, and being the largest product distributor for generic medicines internationally, our pharma franchise branches have all played a key role in not only contributing towards India’s GDP but also roping in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).

So, what will be the perks of getting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), especially for PCD pharma distributors​? Well, FDI helps the country;

  1. Gain access to a larger consumer market.
  2. Increase the overall net foreign exchange earnings.
  3. Get a license to enter global capital markets with rich financial resources.

And these could also be the reasons why India has a growing prospect for much better employment opportunities and medicine franchise companies!

What’s Your Takeaway?

The COVID-19 pandemic might have affected all the industries and sectors of India drastically, but in the case of pharma, the adversities are quite less. Many of the PCD pharma agencies have been working efficiently even during these tough times, with new trends and the adoption of an actionable development strategy based on the current situation.

So, if you are still in need of professional assistance towards setting up your own pharma franchise company in any state of India, then please do not hesitate to contact the medical expertise at ‘Albia Biocare’ for more information. Our experts will help you out in getting your pharma business idea as a successful venture!

Ways to Get PCD Pharma Franchise Parties to Join Company
August 3rd, 2021 by albia

PCD pharma franchises are one of the fastest growing sectors of the Indian pharmaceuticals industry. Top PCD pharma companies in India are all competing with each other to attract the best franchise partners. But it is not always a cakewalk to convince franchise partners to join a company.

Franchise owners have to invest their own money to purchase the franchise rights, so they are often very cautious about choosing the right parent company. PCD pharma companies have to develop schemes and strategies targeted towards acquiring and retaining franchise partners.

Albia Biocare, one of the best PCD pharma company in India and our huge success over the last 20 years has been with the dedication towards creating a flexible but reliable business support system for our franchise partners all over the country.

Some tips to attract the PCD pharma franchise parties to join the company are:

Established pharmaceutical companies with a good brand reputation may not find it very difficult to find PCD franchise partners. But for newer companies, these strategies are very important if they hope to become the best PCD pharma company in India.

  • Consistency is Key- The biggest mistake by any pharma franchise company is attracting their franchise partners initially but then being unable to retain that relationship. Consistency if the key for all successful business enterprises and the same is true for the pharmaceutical industry. An open dialogue with the franchise partner about the company’s expectations and the franchise’s aspirations sets the tone for a good working relationship. Parent companies also need to provide regular operational support and a good promotional strategy to keep partners interested in the franchise agreement.
  • Wide Product Range- A pharma franchise company should try to diversify their product range. A large variety of products instills confidence in franchise partners about possible sales prospects. Top PCD pharma companies in India like Albia Biocare have a large range of products in different forms like soft gels, tablets, capsules, powders, granules and many more. This ensures that the parent company is always able to satisfy the requirements of the franchise’s user base.
  • Packaging – Product packaging often plays a very important role in product salability. For the pharma, industry packaging is especially essential as good packaging ensures no damage is done to a franchise’s stock during transit. This, in turn, helps franchises get a better value for their investment.
  • Promotional Assistance- A major reason why business owners choose a franchise model is because they expect the parent company to take care of all promotional schemes. So, it is very important for a pharma company to create and execute regular promotional and marketing schemes in order to push up product popularity and customer recall. A better promotional plan ensures higher profit margins for the pharma franchise and more business owners will also be convinced to become franchise partners.
  • Reasonable Pricing – Franchise owners often have to consider the cost of buying product stock on a regular basis. So, reasonable product pricing is essential to convince any business owners to become PCD franchise partners. No franchise model can succeed if the franchise partners are unable to purchase their required stock.
  • Target Partner Needs – PCD pharma companies in need use many strategies to encourage potential and reliable franchise partners to join their company. But companies need to target all these strategies to the specific needs of the franchise partners. Pharma companies need to highlight specific products and franchisee business assistance schemes that align with the operational requirements of the potential franchise partner. Only then there is a possibility of lead conversion and a franchise agreement being signed.
  • Build Brand Reputation- At the end of the day, the largest factor that drives customer traffic to franchise partners is the brand reputation of the parent company. Brands like Albia Biocare have used their decades of industry experience to establish themselves as a reliable and effective name in the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, they have been able to extend their franchise facilities to all corners of the country.


PCD pharma companies in India are trying to expand their number of franchises across the country. But ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of the franchise partners whether or not they choose to join a particular company.  In order to be the best PCD pharma company in India, brands have to reach out to many business owners and create a strong, loyal customer-base.

Any pharma company hoping to develop a franchise model of business expansion needs to start developing a plan right away to build and project its brand to customers as well as franchise partners. A good system of franchise management also needs to be developed. As more and more pharma franchise companiesenter the competitive Indian market, the options available for franchise partners are also growing. Companies now need to be sharper in their pitch to franchise partners in order to actually get them on board for a sustained period of time.


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PCD franchise refers to a system where the franchise has the monopoly of distributing and selling pharma products in a particular region or area. Albia Biocare is one of the best PCD Pharma companies in Chandigarh that offers complete support for starting a franchise.

PCD pharma has a monopoly over a larger area and requires more investment when compared to a pharma franchise company that covers a small region and requires a lower investment.

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