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Albia Biocare pharma franchise company is a trusted and well acknowledged name in the PCD pharma franchise business. We are one of the top pharma franchise companies in India and supply a wide range of herbal and pharma products in India.

As a pharma franchise company, we offer a full range of dosage forms that include:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Softgels
  • Syrups
  • Drops
  • Ointments
  • Gels
  • Oils
  • Granules
  • Powders

Our product range is comprehensive and comparable to the widest range offered by any of the top PCD Pharma franchise companies in India. Check out the product range of one of the best PCD franchise company in India that covers the following segments:

As a pharma franchise company, we welcome qualified and experienced individuals as well as corporate from all over India to become our distributors/associates. If you are an M.R., ASM or RSM with inner passion and fire to build your own business starting with smaller investments, Albia Biocare (and its division Kyna Pharmeceuticals) is ready to offer Monopoly Marketing Rights on PCD pharma franchise basis for your district/cluster of districts. Pharma stockists, distributors and C&F Agents who have a strong network with medical practitioners, physicians and/or surgeons in their area can easily build a profitable and long term PCD pharma franchise business with Albia Biocare, one of the top Pharma Franchise companies in India.

Advantages of partnering with the best pharma franchise company in India

  • We offer high quality PCD pharma products having the best-in-class packing manufactured in renowned manufacturing units accredited with WHO/ISO and GMP certifications and acknowledged for purity and accurate composition.
  • The minimum investment for starting the business with one of the top PCD Pharma Franchise companies in India is as low as Rs. 20,000/- (per district in case of multiple districts) or Rs. 30,000/- (for a single district). The mandated minimum order amount for processing is as low as 5,000/- per order.
  • There are no fixed monthly targets. You can have yearly targets, if you want to incentivize your performance.
  • We strictly adhere to monopoly rights and do not entertain any business enquiry from any covered area.
  • Amongst the top Pharma Franchise companies in India, Albia Biocare offers lucrative schemes on bulk purchases, which will help you build a bigger business much faster.
  • We support by providing high quality, authentic promotional material.
  • We ensure 90% dispatches of the goods within 24 hours and 100% dispatches within 48 hours once the payment is reflected in our accounts or the invoice is cleared for dispatch.
  • Since Albia Biocare is a reputed name amongst medicine franchise companies, we have a professional team comparable to any of the best PCD franchise company in India at your service for prompt and accurate responses to your queries on products, packing, dosages, orders, billing, taxation, dispatches and /or logistics.
  • Our portal serves as a one-stop solution for all your needs and requirements including the facility of e-ordering.

Promotional Aids

Following promotional aids are provided by any of the medicine franchise companies for the field support of PCD pharma franchise business:

  • Visual aid (Folder)
  • Product glossary
  • LBLs (Leave behind leaflets)
  • Sample catch covers
  • Reminder-cum-thank you cards
  • MR bag
  • Visiting cards
  • Order books
  • Prescription pads
  • Routine gifts for doctors with the brand name of the pharma franchise company
  • Deepawali and new year gifts

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Recent Blogs

Why is the Competition in PCD Pharma increasing day by day?
June 1st, 2021 by albia

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the top contributors to the global pharmaceutical and biotech workforce. In 2021, the industry estimated at US$ 41 billion is likely to reach US$ 65 billion by 2024, almost three times. The soaring numbers are indicative of the high demand for medical drugs, equipment, protective gear, and medicines.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Propaganda Cum Distribution (PCD) Pharma companies are changing the face of the ever-growing pharmaceutical industry. It is one of the lucrative options that attract pharma businesses and significantly contributes to the market competition.

If you are planning to start your PCD pharma business, it is most likely that you may get overwhelmed by the huge competitiveness lurking in the pharma industry that is growing at a rapid rate of CAGR 15%. So, should you drop out and look for an alternate venture?

Absolutely not! All you need is proper preparedness in terms of robust strategies and implementation plans to make the best out of this flourishing and rewarding industry.

Since the pharma industry has stringent quality checks, the pharma companies will check your credentials and may conduct tests before you get authorization to run the business under their brand name. They are also most likely to have overall control to make sure there is no room for errors in the process.

Once you associate with a renowned pharma company, they will provide you with the required resources and help you generate leads. And then there’s no looking back. You will have a rewarding business waiting for you.

Factors Supporting Growth of Pharma Franchise Business

The factors that have fueled the Pharma franchise business are many. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • Low-cost investments

As the PCD pharma franchise requires a relatively low investment, the risk factor of losing money is on the lower side.

  • Monopoly rights

PCD pharma companies offer exclusive monopoly rights to the business. This simplifies the process of setting up a successful business even in this competitive market.

  • Consistent demands

Medicines and medical equipment are required as long as life is there on earth. Therefore, pharma companies will never run out of demand for products.

Stay ahead in the Growing Pharma Competition

The cardinal rule to beat your competition and swim through the pool of challenges is simple: Understand, implement and market the right strategy. You need the expertise and the right marketing and operational skills to make it big in the PCD Pharma industry.

Here are some of the tried and tested ways to keep your business afloat and rolling amidst the growing competition.

  • Keep expanding your enterprise through new ventures

However, all the while you must always adhere to the general guidelines. Although taxing, this method helps your business grow by leaps and bounds at a faster rate.

  • Never compromise on the quality of products

You are dealing with medicines and medical equipment that cannot afford an oversight of quality. Always ensure you are dealing with the products that meet the quality checks. It helps in creating a loyal and recurring customer base, that not only adds to your profits but also elevates your credibility in the industry.

  • Target domestic locations

When choosing a place to start your operation, look for a location where there are fewer pharma companies. Your enterprise will fill the demand /supply gap that will prove beneficial in establishing your business.

  • Use the latest marketing trends to promote your business

This digital era offers a gamut of ways to reach out to your potential customers. Do not just stick to the traditional advertising methods, but explore various ways to make your business known among the public.

To make it big in the pharma industry, leveraging the benefits of PCD pharma is the right decision to make. Even with the fierce competition, you can still create your business empire with the support of the expertise here at Albia Biocare, the best PCD company in India.

If you are willing to start your skyrocketing business with us, give us a call right away!

Various Ways to Select a Reliable Stockist for Your PCD Pharma Business
June 1st, 2021 by albia

Do you run a pharma franchise? Well, the chances are likely that you would be getting hands-on experience in the field when it comes to promoting, branding, and marketing the company. However, your knowledge might be constrained only to that of the promotional activities. To make your advertising much more seamless, you should make the best use of stockists.

If in case you are not aware of who a pharma stockist is, he/she acts as the point of intersection between your company and the retailer. The majority of the pharma marketers of today’s scenario, opt for a stockist. Once hired, they will pay a certain sum of revenue (company profits) back to you in return.

So, utilizing the skills and experience of a stockist will give you a better grip on your brand. This might even help your agency rank in the list of top PCD pharma franchise companies in India in the long run!

Getting an Ideal Pharmaceutical Distributor

It is no surprise that you will find hundreds of PCD pharma companies in India and surrounding localities recruiting a stockist. But then, it is vital to find a distributor, who is capable of assuring that reliability; for safeguarding your business as well as to channelize the same.

And that is because ‘advertising’ and ‘distribution’ are two different streams and even experienced, top PCD pharma franchise companies in India might not be the masters in both.

Here are the Benefits of Using a Stockist

There are a few proper justifications as to why PCD pharma companies in India go with delegating or sharing their works with a stockist;

  1. As a franchise, you can focus more on the marketing and promotional activities of your pharma business, while the stockist concentrates on storage and distribution in your shoes.
  2. Since you would be having sufficient time for marketing, you can sketch new strategies to enhance your business and may even find new ventures to collaborate and grow in the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. With the professional hands of a pharma stockist, you no more have to stress and worry about the hassles of collecting the business goodies from a chemist or pharmaceutical shop.
  4. By working with some top-rated stockists and distributors, you can even think about venturing your business, extending it to the international borders as well.

Above all, when you delegate and work accordingly, this turns your complete operations much simpler and also can generate higher revenue in the long, since your company’s productivity will boost up. What’s more intriguing to note here is that your franchise may even earn that goodwill from other business clients and consumers!

A few Tips to Pick the Stockist for Your Operations

Never plagiarize your stockist hiring steps with your business seeing from other PCD pharma companies in India. Every franchise has differing goals and responsibilities. Thus, get yourself a stockist keeping in mind the following given parameters:

  • Ensure that you are working and associating with a valid and authentic partner. Note that the stockist must receive only 10% per cent of the retailer’s billing price while he/she should pay you the rest amount. So, remember, only a reliable person can be trusted for this step.
  • The potential for recovering the leftover payments from the hands of chemists is a challenging part. And for that, you would require a well-experienced and skilled stockist, who has distributorship with a minimum of 4 to 5 companies.
  • One of the key factors before choosing a stockist is his/her financial status; not about their earnings or social value, but their monetary strength to support and store all your pharma articles.
  • Location matters a lot in the case of appointing a stockist. Your business’s area coverage and the recruiting stockist’s collection points should match precisely.

Last but not least, you may also get to know about the distributor in detail on-field, by visiting the pharma shops and chemists all by yourself and getting the right piece of feedback or review!


Mind that choosing a pharma stockist is a wise decision for better marketing and strategic product distribution. However, do check and verify the experience, connections, area coverage, financial status, and authenticity of the professional before handing over the job. Though quite a time-consuming process, the perks of choosing a stockist are plenty for your pharma franchise.

What will be the Future of an Indian PCD Pharma Franchise in 2021?
April 9th, 2021 by albia

Did you know that the Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing fast, with a CAGR of 15%? Yes, and so, your investment in a pharma franchise is going to be highly profitable as per the stats of various pharma experts. Many of us were unaware of what a pharma franchise & PCD actually mean; but today, the scenario is completely different and the PCD pharma franchise is the backbone of the development and sustenance of the Indian pharmaceutical sector. Let’s see how good this franchise is from the perspective of 2021.


Know the Business Model

Besides its growing CAGR value, Freedom and Flexibility are the two key benefits of the pharma franchise company. So, you can work at your own pace, market the solutions, promote your business, and lift the plans higher. Moreover, the industry itself is growing rapidly. Therefore, down the lane, the last few persons who are entering this domain of business will seek great profits in the upcoming years!


A Growing Industry: Employment Opportunities are High

Around 30% of the Indian population has been uncovered yet. Targeting this huge market, the demand for the PCD pharma industry is excellent. By bringing this population to the mainstream, the business can give many individuals good employment options. And the best part is, this industry is not concluded to have growth for the next 2 or 3 years alone, but rather, it is considered that the development will be retained and the benefits can be reaped for several years in the future. Because the PCD pharma sector is predicted to grow by 22% before 2025.


Get a Profitable Business Plan

It is a belief that the pharma workers should leave their place to do the job. However, with the PCD pharma franchise:


  • You can operate the business right from the city you stay in.
  • Also, with minimal investment, you can get the best returns; low investment capital is the biggest perk of this sector.
  • Last but not the least, being a distributor or pharma professional, you can access any other medicine franchise companies easily using the internet.


Pharma business franchising will be the first choice of pharma experts for the next few years ahead!


Check Out the Various Scopes Available

Unlike the regular business channels, the options are plenty here; you can choose between any of the following for your next PCD venture (s);


  1. Stockiest
  2. Chain pharmacy
  3. Surgical distributor
  4. General Medicine distributor
  5. Health Supplements distributor
  6. C&F (Carrying & Forwarding Agent)
  7. Over the counter (OTC) medicine distributor
  8. Unani/ Ayurvedic/ Herbal / Homeopathic medicine distributor.



With high returns, good flexibility, growing CAGR value, and better employment opportunities, the pharma and PCD franchise is going to have a shining future as a business. Make sure you invest the right value for your next big franchise model! Contact Albia Biocare for any support or business assistance if needed on your journey. Contact the team at +91 9988 289 049 for any details required to kickstart a PCD franchise opportunity at your best convenience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In the pharma business, PCD expands to Propaganda-Cum-Distribution. PCD Pharma refers to the marketing and distribution rights that a pharma franchise has over a particular region.

PCD franchise refers to a system where the franchise has the monopoly of distributing and selling pharma products in a particular region or area. Albia Biocare is one of the best PCD Pharma companies in Chandigarh that offers complete support for starting a franchise.

PCD pharma has a monopoly over a larger area and requires more investment when compared to a pharma franchise company that covers a small region and requires a lower investment.

From checking out numerous medicine franchise companies in Chandigarh to exploring the franchise options given to PCD pharma franchise options, there are numerous factors that you should consider before you take up a franchise. Call us at +91-8558 049 049 or drop an email at info@albia.in and we will give you step-by-step assistance in setting up a pharma franchise company.